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          The Ohio State University at Marion

          Welcome to The Ohio State University at Marion!

          Starting at Ohio State Marion may be your secret advantage for academic success. Start here, and you’ll become part of a close-knit community that helps you discover your full potential. Work closely with renowned professors at the forefront of their fields. Through them, you’ll share the excitement of not only learning but also advancing the knowledge in your field. You’ll discover opp要么tunities side-by-side with classmates who share your goals. You’ll enjoy a laid-back atmosphere while learning on the leading edge. Best of all─once you understand just how far you can go, you’ll realize you’re already part of a university that can take you there.

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          • Many campuses. One Ohio State degree.

          • Ohio State Marion Campus Overview

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          • Mem要么ies Project Au 19

          • Health and 健康 Fair

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